[Nollywood Actor reveals] Why I love Toyin Abraham- Tom-Dollar

Tom Dollar 
BCTV: Can we meet you?
Tom-Dollar: My nsme is Segun Tom-Dollar

BCTV: Where did you grow up?
Tom-Dollar:  I was born in surulere Lagos grew up Lagos

BCTV: How did you come into the movie industry?
Tom-Dollar: I came into the industry through my boss group  legacy school of performing arts where I trained for 2 year under Kunle Afod.

BCTV: What are the challenges you have faced so far?
Tom-Dollar: When you go to location and you don't get paid after the production, it is your  close friend or colleague and you go home with nothing.

BCTV: Can you remember your first movie ?
Tom-Dollar: I played a waka pass in a movie titled Oya produced by kunle  Afod in 2006.

BCTV: What is the most challenging role you have ever played ?
Tom-Dollar: My first movie GBEBE the role was  very challenging because i had to sing, act and play a musical instrument in the movie which I had to learn  before the shoot.

BCTV: How do you feel when asked to play the same role you played in a previous movie?
Tom-Dollar: I am comfortable and do more then what I did in the previous one.

BCTV: Of all the roles you have played , which is your favorite?
Tom-Dollar: The role i played in Akaa(branches ) a TV soap opera as a husband and also dating a sugar mommy.

BCTV: Who is your favorite actor and why?
Tom-Dollar: favorite actor is baba suwe Tunde omidina  because  of he's comic look and his comic acting.

BCTV: Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Tom-Dollar: Toyin Abraham because  of her intelligence,  acting , pretty look and her raw talent.

BCTV: Have you produced your own movie , ifyes what is the title , when was it produced and what inspired the story?
Tom-Dollar: first movie titled Iwa nwara 2010.   GBEBE 2012  PITAN 2014  Before writing my story I will think about what is happening in our society .

BCTV: What project are you currently working on?
Tom-DOllar: Something is coming up soon working on a new project next month.

BCTV: What should your fans expect from you in years to come?
Tom-Dollar: Something very unique.

BCTV: One advice for aspiring actors ?
Tom-Dollar: Believe in yourself begin and become

BCTV: One word for your fans
Tom-Dollar: I love you all

BCTV: Social media handles
Tom-Dollar:  @seguntomdollar Facebook Segun Tom-Dollar tweeter @seguntomdollar.

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